The Devil's Lettuce And You

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I love this title.

Marijuana has an interesting chemical make up.  This simple chain of molecules can heal, induce psychosis, increase dopamine levels, assist with major ailments. With contradicting side effects, the public tends to err on the side of caution.  This is interesting considering that alcohol has many more downsides than upsides compared to the marijuana plant.  When put side-by-side an objective opinion would be baffled at how each of these substances are treated in the public view. 

Alcohol is celebrated, simply put.  Glorified to the point of being seen as harmless in most people's opinions.  Marijuana is ostracized, simply put. This drug has been seen as an overall bad, its research and medical benefits have been overlooked for centuries.

The Devils lettuce has many options for its consumers.  It can be consumed, smoked, vaped, and baked!  

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