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I am not a big numbers guy, I am more speculative and observational but don't expect an analysis from any of my blogs.  I have extensive experience in the cannabis field, in business and in personal life.

These blogs will look very spastic and all over the place based on the fact that i have no editor and i am very spastic and all over the place. 

Marijuana, arguably one of the most controversial plants in the world.  This simple plant divides entire countries on the topic of its legitimacy.  The leaf itself has become an iconic symbol of both freedom and imprisonment.

People have made millions off of the drug, and some have served life sentences for it.  How can that be? A plant that does not kill, grows naturally, and can be consumed right from the ground, just like tobacco.  The controversy starts with politics and ends with...well politics. And in that lies the problem.  

Ya'll can google the facts of how marijuana became the devils lettuce, the core issue is marginalizing certain minority groups.  How else could a harmless plant put so many people in jail then a politicians prejudice views on a select group of people?


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