Intro to Personal Finance

Financial Independence

Personal finance is awesome! Personal finance is your vehicle to living your best life.

The fascinating part of personal financing that becoming a millionaire should be the lowest bar you set for your financial journey. Initially this sounds like an impossible feat, but for people under 30 it's an incredibly reasonable goal.

I am living my live pretending like social security doesn't exist. Social Security was created as a safety net for those who did not successfully save for retirement. I believe this safety net, while doing so at a premium, has helped countless Americans keep their heads above water during retirement. I am acting like this program doesn't exist so that my own financial decisions will be able to support me during retirement, and when/if that Social Security check comes in, it'll be a very welcome surprise!

Now I'm not going to change the world with this newsletter, if it see's a second post I'll be delightfully surprised. I'm doing this as a way to channel my passion for financial finance in a comfortable and efficient manner to the people that I care for most, the people in my network (as if i've said hello to 99% of you in the last 5+ years :'D)

So come for the finance, stay for the humorous honesty. I'll be sharing the wealth building secrets that I've learned during my personal finance journey. Good Day!